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Strabismus or Squint is a condition of misalignment of eyes, resulting in loss of binocular vision. The squinting eye usually is not in use when the "straight" eye is focusing. This leads to under development of vision in the squinting eye, a phenomenon called "Amblyopia" or "lazy Eye". The loss of function of one eye leads to the inability to focus an object with both eyes and failure of depth perception(the ability to to judge how far an object is relative to another from the person in question

Lazy Eye' can also be caused by a difference in the spectacle power between the two eyes(anisometropic amblyopia) and by damage to eye structure(sensory amblyopia) and/or

There are different types of squint :
1.) Squint associated with glasses(e.g. accommodative esotropia)
2.) Squint associated with other ocular disease and reduced visual potential of the squinting eye(sensory exotropia or esotropia)
3.) Squint associated with eye muscle disorders at birth(Moebius syndrome and so on)
4.) Squint caused by injury to eye
5.) Squint caused by stroke or other brain/nerve related problems(paralytic squint)

The aim of treatment is (the treatment plan varies from patient to patient)
1. To obtain best corrected vision in each eye with cycloplegic refraction
2. To improve the vision of Amblyopic eye by occluding the better eye.
3. To surgically align the squinting eyes by "Recession" &/or "Resection" of affected muscles. Surgery is not always needed, and in many cases, a change of spectacles leads to improvement of the condition.
4. To enhance Binocular Vision by exercises at home or on the Synoptophore.
Any or all of these treatment modalities may apply to a give patient

Strabismus or Squint is correctable surgically by weakening the stronger muscle by "Recession" and / or strengthening the weaker muscle by "Resection". In many cases, both steps need to be performed on both eyes.

If squint is detected early, the child can often benefit by corrective therapy in the form of occlusion (patching), change of glasses and/or surgery.
Does your child have squint or very high powered glasses? Do you have squint? Are you looking for a cosmetically acceptable solution to your problem?
We can help you solve your query. Contact us for further details on squint, amblyopia and its management.

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