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Retinal Screening Services

Certain retinal disorders such as familial exudativevitreoretinopathy, a condition which can mimic retinopathy of prematurity run in families. It is important that if a child is diagnosed with this condition, the parents be screened for signs of the disease. This can help the family counselor plan for them.

Conditions such as retinopathy of prematurity are NOT present at birth but can develop later. This dangerous disease affects premature infants especially those who have coexistent problems, such as breathing difficulties, anemia, infection or sepsis, jaundice and very low birth weight(<1500g). It is important that such infants be screened early in the neonatal period, preferably within the first twenty days of life and certainly not later than the 30th day of life. This condition can be treated if treated early. If left untreated, the prognosis is extremely poor.

Diabetes mellitus can affect the eye just as it can cause heart, kidney and nerve problems. The disease has an insidious onset and it is not until the later stages of the disease that the patient realizes that he has a retinal problem. Additionally diabetes can lead to accelerated cataract development.

These and numerous other retinal disorders can be addressed satisfactorily provided they are diagnosed and treated in time. We offer a variety of screening services for patients who are potential candidates for retinal disease. For more information, contact us.


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