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LASIK / Laser surgery

'LASIK' or 'LASER SURGERY OF THE EYE' are the most common handles used to refer to any procedure that enables an individual to get rid of his or her glasses or at least reduce their dependence on optical correction devices.

These include both cornea and lens based procedures. The current technology for cornea based procedures uses the femtosecond laser that helps enhance precision and avoid most complications of surgery.

A thorough preoperative work up is essential to maximize the results of surgery. Incomplete preoperative assessment can lead to post-operative problems like dry eyes, glare, halos and lifelong discomfort. If not performed properly, the procedure can lead to infection of the eyes and even retinal detachment, which is blinding

Are you tired of your glasses? Do you want to reduce your dependence on glasses? Can your eyes no longer tolerate contact lenses? Do you wish to undergo surgical removal of your spectacle number?

For queries related to various available options and whether you are eligible for these procedures, contact us.


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